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Greg Dingel

PGA Head Golf Professional

  • 2013 Head Golf Professional at Interlaken Golf Club Fairmont, MN
  • 3 years as first assistant professional at Beaver Hills C.C. in Cedar Falls, IA
  • 2 1/2 years as Wartburg College women's swing coach Waverly, IA. (Won 3 IIAC Championships & 3 National Appearances)
  • Named to Iowa Cup Team 2010
  • 6 years as a fitting specialist at Waterloo Golf Headquarters
  • Former College Scholarship Golfer


As a teacher of the game of golf, I believe all students can improve their games. I will work with individuals on their goals and devise a specific plan to achieve their goals. To improve, a student must be willing to practice and have patience. All students may not swing the same or be physically able to do certain things but can still improve their games. Students must be committed to this process of getting better.

I will be building personnel relationship that develops trust. I will show my students that practice can be fun and that practice does develop results. As students work with me, we will track certain statistics to show progress and understanding of where we need to get better.


Fundamentals will be the core of this plan as fundamentals are the foundation of a good golf swing. Consistency is the key through repetition and drills we will be able to achieve this. The ability to lower scores is attained by improving your short game. We will work on all facets of the short game (chipping, pitching, putting, and etc.). Students will also spend time with course management and ability to think themselves around the course to avoid the big number. Last we need to be able to transition what we have learned on the range and be able to do it on the golf course. We will work on simulating on course situations and create competitive drills that will produce pressure situations.

Instruction Rates

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