Schedule of Events

The Big Schmink - Saturday, September 29, 2018 - a.m. Tee Times

Many years ago, a golfer by the name of Dick Schminkey used to run a game at Veenker every Wednesday around the noon hour. Golfers would pay $5.00 into the pot. Dick kept scrupulous records as to each round played on Wednesdays so that he could assign a handicap to the golfers playing in the event. If a golfer was new to the group, Dick would take the word of fellow golfers as to their ability. He would assign them a handicap, but would adjust it as needed. The game would consist of paying out: individual grand skins, low gross, low net and blind partner low net. Places in each of these divisions would be paid out depending on the numbers of people who participated. On the holidays through out the golf season, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day, Dick would run a BIG SCHMINK. All this meant was that the entry fee would be $10.00 rather than $5.00 and generally the number of players would be significantly larger.

When Dick left the Ames area, there was not anyone to fill his shoes as far as running the game. The clubhouse staff continues to run a modified BIG SCHMINK on the holidays during the golf season. Generally, the game now consists of grand skins, blind partner low gross, blind partner low net and an occasional pin prize. i.e. long drive, closest to pin, longest putt. Hopefully, the spirit of the BIG SCHMINK will continue in perpetuity!